*Exhibition Catalog

BCN ideal · BCN real | Anna Fando | 2015 | Curatorial project

Exhibition and conferences from 18 September to 10 October at the Cultural Center La Farinera.

“BCN ideal · BCN real” seeks to demonstrate the social and cultural dichotomy of Barcelona city. One hand, is analyzed the Barcelona that is shown to the world. The other hand, is shown the other Barcelona hidden behind the big publicity facades.

The ideal image (also institutional) and the real image (conceived by those who live in the city and promote alternative projects, social or independent) are presented to see the city concept contradictions. The exhibition collects the vision, experience or message those people / places / movements in Barcelona that never appears on public screen and remains muted.

The show has all kinds of projects, research, collective and arts collected in a parallel exhibition and activities proposed by various groups.

September 2015. Centre Cultural La Farinera, Barcelona.