Situar-se | Anna Fando | 2018 | Acrylic on wood

Anna Fando investigates the performative body and its relationships with the identity and the produced social space. In 2017, her research (Phd) on bodies, dissidences and feminists art activisms began. Moving between transfeminist, cyborg, decolonial and posthumanist theories, a textual project begins that forces to define the thesis point of view. This conjecture is transferred to the performance of the artist also in the material field. The artist is placed in different frames and the body shape generates the form of the support. 'Positioning itself' means putting the body and defining affinities, theories that shape the identity and being aware of the capacity of the own body.

(She/her) Based in Barcelona
Part of cultural activism groups: FemArt  Ullalfest  Resina