Variation | Carla Rovirosa, Isabel Soteras, Ariadna Torné, Marc Sumsi, Carla Mercader, Andrea Just, Neus Ledesma, Anna Fando | 2014  | Live painting

VARIATION is a union of four basic arts -music, dance, theater and painting- on the same stage with the same idea. On the first place, theater and music share the space. A humorous text of Laurence Sterne played by Carla Mercader seeks the link between literature and music of Scarlatti played by Conjunt Atria. Secondly: dance and music. Conjunt atria interprets “Recreation in G minor” of Leclair. And the group Hand Made Dance accompanies the work with baroque choreography. Finally all the arts are united at the same time under the concept of Variations, a musical form that are extrapolated to all the other arts. Conjunt Atria plays “The Follies” of Vivaldi, a work based on a fixed harmonic pattern that repeats. Each variation is danced by Hand made dance with a choreographic structure based on the concept of the theme with variations. Between the music, the actress narrates small variations on the same story, from the book “Hot chocolate” of Joan Lluís Louis. Meanwhile, the painter Anna Fando has four canvas to do four different live paintings using the same variation concept and different techniques.

March 28, 2014. Teatre Sarrià, Barcelona.